PDF file: What is the  Women´s Political Counsel

PDF file: Flyer 12th Women’s Political Council including schedule and entry fee information

What is the  Women´s Political Counsel?

It is

  • an international, women’s political and cultural platform on which women’s projects, groups, organizations and parties as well as individual women can share their experience.


It is characterized by

  • an open exchange of experiences and position with equal rights
  • mutual interest and respect for each other
  • democratic culture of debate on the basis of openness in terms of world outlook.

It is

  • no fixed organization. It is organized and financed by the participating women themselves. All those can join who accept the guidelines of the Counsel.




In 1997, 33 women and one man met for the first time for the Women’s Political Counsel. Since then, it increasingly gained attraction. With 1500 participants, the Sixth Women’s Political Counsel was a
success especially because women from factories, peace movement, movement of the Monday demonstrations met women who master their everyday life with great commitment, but would not call themselves „politically active.“ In particular, the „Journey to the Women of the World“ was impressive with women from 26 countries who made the international women’s movement become alive in its power.



Guidelines of the Women’s Political Counsel


  1. The character of the Women’s Political Counsel
  2. We are a non-party affiliated forum for an exchange of opinions and experience on the basis of equality – open for all directions within the women’s movement, excluding fascists, racists and religious fanatics. In contentious cases, the nationwide preparatory group, the Militant Women’s Council or the coordinating group decides on participation. We see ourselves as a part of the international militant women’s movement.
  3. We will discuss all issues which concern women and girls, their living communities and our society and which will get them on the move.
  4. Through the international cultural encounter, we get to know each other better, we gain respect for one another and also recognize our strength. We develop friendships, strengthen our world-wide network and our solidarity.
  5. We work on the basis of the openness of world-outlook and equal rights. We promote mutual interest and understanding and develop a democratic culture of debate to settle our differences in solidarity.
  6. Men are welcome, if they uphold women’s rights and demonstrate this in their practical support for the Counsel.
  7. The results of our exchange of experience will be fixed in an appropriate form (e.g. resolutions, documentations) in order to draw attention to the international women’s struggle for their rights and against exploitation and oppression.


  1. The organization of the Women’s Political Counsel


  1. We organize the counsel together and in our own responsibility. All women, groups and organizations have the right to make a contribution in their own concern and are also obliged to take over responsibility for the success of the entire counsel, for example by taking over a general task or donating their time.
  2. At the nationwide preparatory meetings, we decide and form the democratic concept of the counsel. Together we put the decisions of these meetings into practice.
  3. At the Women’s Political Counsel, we elect a Militant Women’s Council and further the cooperation of women with different nationalities within that body. This Council coordinates the nationwide preparations for the next Women’s Counsel and the realization of its decisions.
  4. The Militant Women’s Council elects a coordinating group, an organizing team and a financial team which work together closely. Also two auditors will be appointed.
  5. The Militant Women’s Counsel reports on its work, including the financial work, at the Women’s Political Counsel.


III. The financing of the Women’s Political Counsel

  1. We finance our work commonly, independently and self-reliantly with admission fees, sale of advertising material, donations and other contributions. We reject any form of financial dependence. Our financial independence strengthens our self-confidence and shows that we can stand on our own two feet.
  2. The financial team and the auditors give a financial report and an auditor’s report at the nationwide preparatory meetings.
  3. Income and possible surpluses will be used exclusively for spreading and preparing the Women’s Political Counsel.